Shame On Us If We Don’t

Written in December of 2015

Two months ago I went on a mission trip to Haiti.  I was going to spread a little of Christ’s love, be extremely hot and uncomfortable while I did it (because that shows I love Jesus A LOT), and return a week later to the comforts of my “first world” life.  The reality of what God wanted to use me for when I was there was much different.  We were serving in medical clinics, meeting the needs of a different community each day, loving on people, and being the hands and feet of Christ.  It was great and God was using us.  A few days into the trip our Missions Director said, “Come on, lets go look at an orphanage up the road.”  Now, where we were working and staying was across the street from an orphanage.  We had the opportunity to play with the kids, hang out, and see the provision in how God was taking care of the children at Alex’s House.  So when I was asked to go to another orphanage a few miles away, I was certainly game.  

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