Holding on to hope… and your fork

As a girl who has spent the majority of her life in the South, when someone says, “Hold your fork.” when clearing the dishes after dinner, I know exactly what that means. For those of you non-southerners it means that dessert is coming and if you don’t keep your fork you will end up with a mouth watering cobbler or banana pudding in front of you that you can’t eat because you will have no way to get it from the plate to your mouth. That is just not okay!! Continue reading

Our Seventeenth Summer

As many people are watching their kids graduate from High School as I write this blog today, many others are realizing how limited time really is with our kids. I recently read a blog that reminded us that we have 18 summers between birth and graduation with our kids. This equates to 936 weeks. The reality that this summer is our seventeenth summer with my oldest son really put this in perspective. Continue reading

What If…

My favorite part of a flight coincides with the most dangerous aspects of air travel; the take off and the landing. I am still pretty new to the travel deal, so it still has some novelty with me. Don’t get me wrong, the small seats and having complete strangers inside my personal bubble for hours is all too real; and don’t even get me started on the germs floating around in this flying tube that keeps circulating the same air. My point is there is something about the few minutes after we take off that reminds me of how big our God is. Continue reading

A Leap of Faith

Have you ever felt like you were being prompted to move in a direction but scared to death to step off the ledge of the unknown in faith? Well, the Winge family has stepped off that ledge and is moving to Houston, Texas. Those of you that have known our family are probably picking yourselves up off the floor. “What??? We thought you would be at Journey forever. Your family has been here since almost the beginning,” are some of the things you may be thinking. Let me assure you we thought the same thing.   Continue reading

Hiding From God

Have you ever thought if you don’t seek God He won’t seek you? Have you ever been in a situation where you don’t want to follow God’s plan and think you may be able to fly under the radar? It is kind of like when my kids were little, if I caught them doing something they shouldn’t they would close their eyes really tight thinking that if they can’t see me then surely I can’t see them. Whether they thought I could see them or not, I had been there with them the entire time. Closing their eyes never had an effect on me being present. This isn’t just something our children do as toddlers. We see it throughout scripture… Continue reading

Shame On Us If We Don’t

Written in December of 2015

Two months ago I went on a mission trip to Haiti.  I was going to spread a little of Christ’s love, be extremely hot and uncomfortable while I did it (because that shows I love Jesus A LOT), and return a week later to the comforts of my “first world” life.  The reality of what God wanted to use me for when I was there was much different.  We were serving in medical clinics, meeting the needs of a different community each day, loving on people, and being the hands and feet of Christ.  It was great and God was using us.  A few days into the trip our Missions Director said, “Come on, lets go look at an orphanage up the road.”  Now, where we were working and staying was across the street from an orphanage.  We had the opportunity to play with the kids, hang out, and see the provision in how God was taking care of the children at Alex’s House.  So when I was asked to go to another orphanage a few miles away, I was certainly game.  

Continue reading