Walking Through It

2 Good Things to Remember When You Walk through the Valleys of Life —  Beautiful Christian Life

I have a tell for when I am deep in thought with something that is weighing me down.  I sigh.    I probably have always done it but a little over a year ago my husband started asking me what was wrong out of the blue, or so I thought.  He finally let me in on his secret – I was sighing… often.  Over the last fourteen months I have walked through my dad passing away unexpectedly, placing my mom in a nursing home, not being able to see my mom in person for almost a year due to COVID, and eventually watching her go through a week of hospice care after a stroke which left her unable to swallow.  My mom and dad both saw Jesus in 2020.  Yep, I was sighing …a lot.  To be honest I still am.  I was walking through the valley of the shadow of death found in Plasm 23.  Not my own death, but I walked in that shadow, in that valley, with both of my parents. 

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