Happy Birthday America!   There is no denying 2020 has been a tough year in our country.  I have personally been trying to educate myself on issues this country is facing from COVID-19, police brutality as well as heroism, and the hurdles specific to Black Americans.  To see the divisiveness and hate that is flowing from both sides of all of these issues has been heartbreaking… and then yesterday I saw something that reminded me why I love this country.  ABC News’ #AmericaStrong segment shared a video of a young woman singing the national anthem for her virtual graduation and was joined by a complete stranger that happened to be a trained opera singer.  If  you have not watched it check it out here because it was amazing.  The young woman said the moment was symbolic for us as a people to not try to out sing the person next to you but to blend and harmonize with them.  To see two people of a different race and gender with a commonality of music and the ability and heart to sing our national anthem in strength and harmony is what we need as a country.  

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